Coaching is for well-functioning people

Desiring to transform from good to great

Consciously creating the life they really want


Positively impact the lives of 10 million people through the power of coaching and its ripple-effect


I believe that challenging and awakening your inner resources through intense curiosity, a firm belief in yourself and fierce love will unlock your potential for a life fully lived

We are not coaching for problems to be solved

we are coaching for a life to be lived

Jim Patterson


Yes, you, a VIP. In our coaching-relationship it is all about you!

And for me it is very important that you:

    O Really want coaching and all that comes with it

    O Are eager to explore, experiment and grow

    O Long for a purpose driven life

    O Inspire me by who you are and what you’re longing for

If you tick the boxes above, and you also feel inspired by me, let’s talk!

I mainly work with leaders, high potentials and other coaches.

I meet my VIP’s by phone, Zoom, or in nature. We design what fits best.